Air Force
Test Center

Why Work Here

An Unparalleled Work Environment

Employment at AFTC offers you the opportunity to work on cutting-edge military aviation technology alongside uniformed members of the Air Force in service to the nation. The skilled civilian workforce at AFTC comes together with active duty military to continue our legacy as the premier aviation test center in the world. The professional skills of our civilian workforce complement and extend the Air Force’s mission, and this teamwork benefits both career paths.

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At AFTC, you can be an integral part of an ongoing legacy behind major milestones in American military and aviation history. While doing this, you will enjoy flexible work schedules, a one-of-a-kind work environment and all the advantages of a generous federal benefits package.

Explore the opportunity to be a crucial part of a highly skilled and dedicated workforce pursuing an unparalleled mission. Not only will you be a part of an important operation, you’ll be a part of a critical mission.